Juan Pablo Alonzo

Technical Guy in Guatemala City, Guatemala

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I'm not the average IT guy, the typical seller or a marketing creative.

When you get down to it, I'm much more: - I'm a strategist, a storyteller, a communicator, a technical geek and a passionate about the power of technology, data and meaningful relationships.

Over the last decade I have made myself a career on partnering with people and companies to show them how to integrate technology into their strategy to optimize processes, operations and productivity while really leveraging it. I help them discover needs and create solutions to make them better on accomplishing their objectives and improve their overall expenditures.

I have also developed a diversity of skills on the way: public speaking, executive presentations, strong writing skills, geek out over traffic spikes, project managing, community building, solution selling and team leading by driving distributed, virtual, cross-functional teams.

I'm the guy who actually wants to create - architect, ideate and lead your technology solutions. This is what I do best and love most. 75+ recommendations on Linkedin confirm it.