JP & Jukesy


Hard House enthusiasts will already know the mighty JP & Jukesy; their impressive worldwide fan-base lap-up precision-delivered jaw-dropping sets. Perhaps what makes the duo so popular and so successful is that they are natural born clubbers. A chance meeting through a mutual friend some seven years ago whilst out clubbing at Sundissential North is where it all began. Almost immediately the pair recognised that they had complimentary musical interests; both considered (and still consider) Andy Farley as being inspirational in their clubbing lives.

Regular appearances at some of the UK’s and overseas dance events quickly became the norm; home territory based from legendary gigs at Tidy Weekenders, Atomik Weekenders, Frantic, Polysexual, Slinky to international dates from Norway to Australia and everywhere in-between. Their addictive energy and obsession for their work is amplified where-ever they play; brilliantly delivered chunky warm-up sets, or hands in the air euphoric peak-time performances through to high-placed no holes-barred full on closing slots, JP & Jukesy’s versatility ensures that they compliment any line-up; they are consistent in delivering crowd pleasing expertly mixed well considered play lists

But DJing is just part of the JP & Jukesy story. Despite a packed diary, the lads have an impressive back-catalogue of production credits and there own label Deprivation Recordings having a quality over quantity ethos.

Where do JP & Jukesy go from here? Who knows; their meteoric rise has hard-dance hero’s continues to see the duo pick up huge swathes of fans; from the tens of thousands of clubbers they play to every year, to the promoters who know JP & Jukesy’s inclusion on a line-up is sure to be a winning contribution to the success of an event, there is one thing that is certain – JP & Jukesy are a formidable force in hard-dance that will be around for a very long time.