Jacob Briggs

Arkport, New York

Youngest of three children. Graduated high school in June 2011 and completed trade school in January 2014. I love being a positive person and also believe that personnel responsibility should be the way of life. I'm thankful for a likable personality and having people who will always be there for me. My parents are great role models. I don't believe in putting hate, anger, and envy on those who have more than me because it will lead to self hatred in the end and it should be an encourager to do better for yourself. Always having people that will be there for you is something no amount of money will ever add up to. Support Isreal and those who come to our country to speak out against the atrocities people went through in their home countries. I believe that American liberlaism is a failed ideology that goes against the very foundation the US was built on.

  • Work
    • Unemployed. Looking for work
  • Education
    • High school diploma and trade school completion