Jody Chan

My full name is Jody Park-Yun Chan. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and had resided there for all 18 years of my life. I have one brother, Jonathan, who is a senior at Georgia Tech. Both of my parents immigrated here to the United States from Hong Kong and both attended college here in the states. My dad attended Berry College while my mom attended Georgia State University.

Having resided in the Snellville area for 14 years, I attended the Brookwood school system. During my childhood as well as my teenage years, there were three main aspects of my life: school, sports, and music. Having grown up in a well-educated family, my parents have always emphasized the importance of academics. In addition, sports were a large part of my early years. Having played a variety of sports including swimming and tennis, I was always physically active whether it was a club level when I was young or the high school level. Because of my mom's knowledge of piano, she was the main person who started me in music. Over my 18 years, I have learned how to play the piano, trumpet, and drums.

One important value that I have grown to accept and apply into my life is modesty. I believe that modesty is the key to being a successful person. Too much or too little of anything whether it be having fun with your friends or even studying can create an imbalance in a person's life.