Jake Pendergraft

My name is Jake Pendergraft, and I am a first-year student at UGA. I was born in Eugene, Oregon, and moved to Savannah, Georgia when I was seven years old. At fourteen years old I moved to Madison, Georgia and while living there attended high school at Morgan County High School. While in high school I pursued several activities, including starting a local rugby club and founding a philosophy club, as well as participating in marching and concert bands. I involved myself in several political activities at the time, which I have since then chosen to move away from. In the time since graduating from high school I have completed a personal study of many different religions from both Western and Eastern traditions through their holy texts, and have decided to follow a Buddhist path. I believe that the practice of Buddhism and of the Dharma will enhance my study of academic subjects in the coming years, as well as my ability to interact positively with fellow beings. I have recently moved into Boggs hall at the University of Georgia, and have begun attending classes. I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in psychology, with a minor in religion. I would like to pursue a career in the psychological field after completing my schooling, beginning with a term as a U.S. Army psychologist, and eventually moving into the private sector as the head of an independent practice.