John Philpin

Advisor, Coach, and Mentor in California

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John founded Beyond Bridges to allow his customers to leverage his knowledge and experience of software, technology, and business transformation. His methodology is built around a diverse customer facing career that utilizes a five step process.

o [ Discover ]and understand the challenges

o [ Document ]the findings

o [ Decide ]the correct approach

o [ Design and Develop ]the solution

o [ Deploy ]

…. at all times maintaining a keen eye on the inevitable change surrounding every one of us and thus the project at hand. His success comes from engaging everyone involved and ensuring that what is delivered, is what is needed and can be measured for impact and success against the original targets.

The ‘customer’ is always ‘front and center’ of John’s work. Not ‘user’. Not ‘market’. Customer.

So, no matter where his attention is at a given moment and knowing that nothing can be managed in isolation, each challenge, project, program is managed holistically and viewed through the lens of a customer. There are many things that can appear to make an organization successful, but the success of your customer is the prime driver of an organization’s success.

The corollary – not understanding your customer – will maximize your ‘opportunity for failure’.

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    • BSc, Mathematics
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