John Paul Ivan

Mr. John Paul Ivan, one of the best guitar player from Indonesia who is known as JPI has been a pioneer in Indonesia’s rock scene since he was 18 years and more as the one and only guitar player that really sticks to his root and his idealism as a guitarist with heavy riffs and impressive solos to be his special characteristic that never rotten although nowadays there are hundreds of bands who play guitar the way it’s not meant to be played. His style on stage could be one specialty about him, crazy and fiery guitar playing makes it feels that the Les Paul he’s been using since his early career is just another part of his body. He was the founder, songwriter, and lead guitarist from a band named Boomerang which known as the biggest rock band in Indonesia for years, but unfortunately due to the difference of thoughts in the band, he quit and made his own solo project and being a collaborator using his own name in the beginning of 2005. It was a very right step for him to make because the band Boomerang was never heard again although they never broke up after he left, but the name JPI is still existing until now and even more famous and inspired than ever before. When he was with Boomerang, they always play live in a stadium venue type with attendance between 15.000 – 30.000 metal heads. His farewell show with Boomerang which was held in Dili, East Timor wrote a history both in his career and the nation’s caused by the attendance of 50.000 people in the stadium that would bang their head and sing along, so it was known as the biggest concert the country ever had. Nowadays with his solo project he’s still in the same kind of venue and attendances, even he’s showing up in TV very often that more people know about him as John Paul Ivan. And now, since 2012 JPI reunited with former singer of Boomerang, Roy Jeconiah in a band called RI 1. They are back strikes again, rockin' harder with lots of new energy...(written by Kristoffer)