Jazmyne Pink

Student and Fashion Guru in Statesboro, Georgia

About Me:

I am in my Junior year at Georgia Southern University. My major is Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills. I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. I have had a variety of customer service opportunities. I am looking for a internships in Public Relations or Marketing. I believe everyone has got to start somewhere in order to gain experience. I hope that what I have to offer can help me gain more experience in the Public Relations field.

Why PR?!

There are many reason that lead me to public relations. First, I started off as a broadcast journalism major I shortly realized that I enjoy writing more than being in front of a camera. I always knew I wanted to do something that involved me being in a field of relating to the public or media. I honestly had no clue what a public relations was until The Hills a show that was on MTV. Lauren Conrad the main character on the show worked for Peoples Revolution.I got my computer out and looked up exactly what it is that Lauren's boss Kelly Cutrone the owner of People Revolution did. Well come to find out she ran a PR and productions agency. She would represent and be in charge of setting up Fashion Week shows and events in Los Angeles for the clients and Lauren was her intern. After doing more research into the world of public relations and what actually it is and different careers in public relations that’s when I realized I want to do PR. I met with adviser and now her I am. In the next 10 years I see my self obviously graduated. . I want to own my own PR/ Entertainment firm. I would love to start off working under an amazing firm and learning the in and outs then working up to one day owning my own.

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