Jon-Paul Mountford

London, England, United Kingdom

Jon-Paul knew from an early age he wanted to be either a Mad Scientist or Secret Agent.
When that didn't pan out he set about a career in Illustration, which in turn led to a different form of image making, Photography!. From that time forward he has been single mindedly pursuing Photography as a career and a way of life.
His main focus is Advertising & Design, wherein he works within a wide range of styles, and techniques, covering subject matter as diverse as Landscape, People, Sport, Animals, Portraits, Commercial and Conceptual work.
Jon-Paul believes that advertising can be an art form in its own right, as is evident in his work. His images are classical, inherently elegant, and meticulous in detail. He combines a mastery of light and form, mood and atmosphere, with a strong emotive quality and sensitivity to his subject matter. He possesses a high degree of technical ability and is particularly skilled at producing multiple composite images. Jon-Paul believes every job should be finely crafted and likes to have a hand in the retouching of his work, following a job through to its completion.
Reveling in the challenge of locations Jon-Paul is often found wedged into a crevice or waist deep in a lake halfway up a windswept mountain. He is also completely at home in the more demanding environment of the nice cozy studio, preferably with a large mug of steaming black coffee.
Currently living in London, he still dreams of inventing a device to take over the world, but in the meantime he is content with being able command its every detail in his images. Jon-Paul's work has won numerous prestigious awards including - The International Photography Masters cup. His work has been twice selected for Lurzers Archive top 200 Advertising Photographers worldwide.
When not taking photographs he can be found playing bad guitar, cycling, looking at art and illustration, listening to music, disassembling his motorbike and most importantly, working on his secret lair.

  • Work
    • Photographer
  • Education
    • Newcastle University