Jessi Robinson

higher education and Girl Scouts in Boston, Massachusetts

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Greetings, I’m Jessi. I’m a Higher Ed Professional and Girl Scout volunteer.

Life shouldn’t be complicated. This, in addition to “Be Prepared", are my two life mottoes, and it is a personal goal to apply both to all aspects of my life and I try to encourage this in others as well.

I'm a dreamer and a realist. An armchair philosopher and the future Queen of the World™. I love coffee and sweets more than is good for me, am a wannabe beer snob, and can't really decide if I prefer the city or country.


Strengths: Intellection, Harmony, Discipline, Analytical, Restorative

True Colors: Gold/Green

Keirsey Temperament: Guardian

  • Work
    • UMass Boston; Signum Univer
  • Education
    • Northeastern University
    • Salem State Univeristy