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Here at Bug Sweeping UK, our friendly and professional operatives are highly experienced in carrying out a full Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) sweep. At Bug Sweeping UK, we are committed to finding those surveillance bugs and leaving you feeling safe and secure in your own space.

Our bug sweeps include searching for surveillance bugs such as listening devices, hidden cameras, computer monitoring equipment and covert vehicle tracking devices using our highly sophisticated electronic bug detectors and physically inspecting the concerned area ourselves.

The counter surveillance equipment that we use is state of the art in bug detection.
Put that together with the experience of our TSCM experts and be assured that you are in very capable hands.

Our TSCM bug sweeps can be carried out in any suspected area such as homes, offices, buildings, vehicles, telephone systems, network systems and other places that could be risking your privacy.

Bug Sweeping UK offers a wide range of counter surveillance TSCM services that can be tailored to your needs, whether that would be a private home sweep, office or commercial sweep, a car or vehicle sweep or anything more.

Here at Bug Sweeping UK, our employees are professional, highly skilled and experienced in these difficult situations and we are dedicated to making sure that each employee maintains an in-depth knowledge of the devices and methods used by persons who are attempting to covertly monitor you.

All of our bug sweeps are carried out with complete discretion and confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of bug sweeping, and we urge all clients who suspect that they are being watched or listened to, to contact us in safe and secure circumstances.

So if you need our help to gain back your privacy and you would like more information on bug sweeping and the costs involved, please call us now on 0800 246 5287.