Joe Samson

Real Estate Agent in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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I officially started my career in real estate back in 2005 when I became licensed in Calgary, AB with the Real Estate Association of Alberta and currently I am proudly licensed with CIR Realty.

Initially, I became interested in dealing with real estate by purchasing fixer-upper properties on my own. I had handled several investment properties before I realized that this is sitting close to my heart and then I decided to start helping others as well.

At the early ages of being a real estate agent, I mostly focused on working with people who wanted to invest in the Calgary Housing Market. I enjoyed working with clients as analyzing the numbers and identifying cash flowing investment properties was my passion at the time.

While I still enjoy working with people who are looking at buying revenue properties, I have expanded my interest to go beyond only working with investors, and today most of my clients are first-time home buyers, young families with children and folks who are looking to own luxury homes in Calgary.

Ever since I have begun working in the real estate world, I have always shown a keen interest towards marketing and especially in the online realm.

I can humbly declare that online marketing has become my specialty when it comes to displaying my client's property and showcasing to thousands potential buyers all across the internet.

A large percentage of my business consists of selling real estate within Calgary and its surrounding communities. I cover many different communities, including South Calgary, Southeast Calgary, Silverado, Auburn Bay, Legacy and various style of homes including

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