Joe Hegyi 3rd

Progressive, Humanist, and Resist in High Point, North Carolina

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I was a conservative Christian who self-identified with the Religious Right for about 25 years, from High School up to about the age of 40. However, around age 40, my beliefs changed dramatically. I embraced progressive politics and social issues and lost the faith that had sustained me for most of my life in what seemed like a rather short period of time. It was only later, after learning of the research done by Dr. Kristi Winters into deconversion, that I began to realize that these changes were not rapid at all but were merely the culmination of a journey I began decades earlier.

Since that time I have tried to listen more, to learn more, and to speak out more often so I might possibly in some small way undo some of the damage that has been and continues to be done by the beliefs I formerly espoused.

  • Education
    • Faulkner University
    • Memphis School of Preaching