Juanita Heidebrecht

Grimsby, Ontario

I am an experienced Information Technology industry professional; a “Jacqueline of all I.T. trades” if you will, who has done just-about-everything from help desk support, hardware support, application support, network support, server support/management and information management.

I got into technology because I like problem-solving, especially when collaborating with people. I really like discussing all the connecting issues and ideas, and coming up with a solution that benefits everyone involved.

In my spare time I really enjoy creating websites and I have completely delved in the world of social media. I love gadgets.

I am passionate about purebred dogs. I am involved with exhibiting, breeding, obedience, agility, rally-o and training. I am also involved with and/or a member to a number of canine-breed clubs and all-breed kennel clubs. Over the years I have held a number of board positions and I have also given my time in doing website design, organizing events, and fundraising.

I write for a number of dog/pet and technology focused magazines and blogs.

I confess I am geek; but I am a personable geek who loves dogs!

Opinions are my own.