Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa

A resident of León, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa operates a ranch where he raises horses, pigs, chickens, and Charolais bulls. Native to France, Charolais bulls are raised primarily for meat and are recognized as an excellent breed to cross with Hereford and Angus cattle. Mr. Guerrero Chapa prides himself on producing some of the strongest and most genetically superior Charolais bulls in Mexico. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa maintains an active role with Elite Charolaise, an organization with a long tradition of sourcing and marketing quality semen, embryos, heifers, and bulls. Elite Charolaise facilitates easy export, taking care of purchase and transport details, as well as all relevant paperwork. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa maintains an active interest in the traditional art of Mexico, and he remains particularly drawn to a 16th-century style of metalwork fused within ceramic encasements and embellished with soldered filigrees. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa patronizes the gallery of a particular artist on Avenida Vallarta in Guadalajara, which features prized artisanal pieces crafted by a team of 40 skilled professionals. Mr. Guerrero Chapa appreciates the meticulous craftsmanship, which involves the use of repujado metal engraving techniques. Some of these pieces remain on display in an exhibition at the Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico’s premier collection of ceramics and colonial arts. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa appreciates the region's culinary offerings, and he frequents local restaurants in León. Mr. Guerrero Chapa also maintains an avid interest in sports, particularly baseball and soccer. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa has played soccer since his youth and continues to support his local team, Club León. A five-time winner of the Primera Division championship, Club León stands at 29th on the International Federation of Football History & Statistics’ list of the best clubs in Central and North America. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa fully supports the storied soccer franchise’s current efforts to regain a place in the Primera Division. A devoted family man, Mr. Guerrero Chapa has also assisted his local church in constructing a new wing, which houses statues and candles.