Juan Monteverde Yacht

Yacht Owner in New York, New York

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All my life, I’ve lived near the water. I’ve never been able to resist the siren song of boating, the motion of the waves, and the feel of a yacht slicing through the swell.

My father, an accomplished boater who now owns a 50-foot sailboat, taught me early. He gave me an optimist. Not far from our home in Spain, I spent the best part of my youth on that boat. My dad taught me about the knots, the wind, and the water, some of which must’ve gotten into my blood.

I keep my yacht in Westchester, and the family loves to take it out on the weekends. Even when we’re not on the water, I can spend a full day cleaning it from bow to stern. I think of it as my escape, my place to be with family and enjoy the gifts of the Earth. After spending a week cooped up in the office helping clients, I like to share my time with my family and feel the freedom of open water. After all, it’s in my blood.