Juan Pablo Cangas

Small Business Owner, trader, and Investor in Chile

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"Just an amazing contractor with big goals and aspirations to help those in need of his services. His advise was unparalleled and saved me from making huge business mistakes. Thanks Juan!!"

"Juan Pablo was excellent, pitching the training at just the right level and staggering over a couple of weeks allowed for time to put the training into practice."

"Great job, thank you!"

"good work, extremely professional."

"Great Job"

"Juan is very easy to work with and very thorough"


I'm a business professional from Chile, with over 10 years of experience. I've worked mostly on digital Marketing, consulting and entrepreneurship.

Currently, I'm transitioning to finance, doing some trading and investing in stocks and mutual funds and following the markets every day.

Previously while working in agencies, I managed up to $50,000/month in advertising budgets, which in principle is very similar to managing financial assets, as most ad campaigns had specific ROI goals.

- Fluent English & native Spanish skills

- On a daily basis, I stay on top of the financial, economic and geopolitical news cycle from a variety of sources, always seeking to analyze diverse data sets and viewpoints.

- I hold a 5-year degree in Business Administration, from one of the top universities in my country (graduated with distinction). I've done finance, strategy, project management and coaching coursework after graduation.

- Approved the PET (Preliminary English Test) with honorable mention. Also scored 6.7 out of 7.0 on TOEFL coursework.

- Very competent with software (I did a lot of programming coursework before I studied business). I learn quickly.

- Easy to work with and reliable

Really interested in trading & financial/economics projects. I'm a quite prolific writer as well.

Just shoot me a message if you have an interesting job opportunity (ideally finance projects).

I'm also a coach for various business & personal goals on http://bit.ly/juanpablocoach (use code JUANPABLOWEEK to get a week free)