judith augustinovic

Artist, Architect, and Designer in Vienna. Austria

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Space goes far beyond a purely architectural view.

The lived space in architecture and interior, design and art is my interest: Consequently,

I explore space as an extension of the body.

This concept of dealing with mutual relationship of space and body is developed constantly and parallel since my technical formation: my field of work deprives from the usual categorization of architecture, is localized between practice and theory, between art, architecture & design.

Starting with interior design & furniture construction and extensive experience, among others, in Milan / Italy … followed by studies of architecture at the Vienna University of Technology and at the University of Michigan / Ann Arbor, USA … to founding the studio for design, with Architects and a graphic designer, in Vienna … while accepting a position as assistant professor at the Institute for Building II at the Vienna University of Technology for six years … founding of the Artistic Studio for Space … working and defending my Doctoral Thesis Transkutan … being the coordinator as well as professor of the Curso de Pós Graduação de Design de Interiores | Design de Espaço at the IED Rio de Janeiro … followed by the position as assistant professor at the Institute of Spatial Design at Graz University of Technology, where I was responsible for space.art, materiality and furniture design production – with the label amm.

Parallel to teaching and theoretical investigations, I have developed various spatial, interior, architectural & urban projects as well as expertises, realization of event-, furniture- and graphic design.

Alongside to commissioned work, I explore space in an artistic way: mostly walk-in spatial – and consequently – vestimentary installations come about in interplay with theoretical investigations. Transcutaneous – Material Phenomena of Limitation explores 'space' along its sensory-physical perceptibility through spatial installations with organic as well as elastic boundaries, starting from my own works, towards those of Ernesto Neto, and others. Sensualism in the formal and narrative expression as well as in the material choice shapes the extended medium space as well as the body hautnah* and is essential for my working method.

*hautnah = skin(haut)close/tight(nah)