Judge Brix

New Jersey

Welcome to the weird and wonderful adventures of my family; 2 adults, 3 kids and 1 dogs. We are a fairly normal bunch of people that goes through day-to-day challenges. Meet the members of the Clan:

Me – Judgebrix, father and big kid (more information below)

Wife – mother of 4 (incl. me), wanna be cake designer, a fantastic mother and makes a kick ass gazpacho

Kid 1 – 8 year old girl, experiencing pre-teen symptoms.

Kid 2 – 7 year old boy with a determination like no others to go forward and loves boobs!

Kid 3 – 2 year old girl, with an attitude that would scare Ozzy

My parents got married in 1965, bought a house in the outskirts of a small village. They got married and settled down much earlier than today, and life was much less stressful too.

Only me and my sister, who's a little older and more mature than me.

I was born in the very early 70s and witnessed the evolution of the TV from 6 to 600 channels. The channels ranged from mildly boring German dubbed TV series such as Colt Seavers, A-Team, MacGyver, etc.

To learn more about me, and my family, and all our wonderful adventures, please read my blog. Feel free to share these (and my site) with people you might know.