Judit Layana

UX Researcher in London, United Kingdom

Judit Layana

UX Researcher in London, United Kingdom

What I do:

As a UX researcher, I provide designers with actionable insights on users' goals, behaviours, needs and pain points, so teams can design the right thing for the user, in the right way.

How I do it:

I facilitate an ongoing conversation between product teams and their target audience, so they can build empathy with the people they are designing for. I apply different research methods and techniques across the design cycle, so I can gather enough insights for the team to make evidence-based decitions.

The outcome:

- Fast and direct user insights into the design process

- A way to measure the effectiveness of design solutions implemented

- Make evidence-based decisions

- Confidence and clarity in the design direction

Research techniques I use:

Regardless of the technique, UX research is not about writing reports - its about asking and answering the right questions and gathering data to make evidence-based decisions on the design process.

I gather data through desktop research, competition analysis, surveys, user interviews, contextual enquiry, expert interviews, diary studies and user testing – both qualitative (in person & remote) and quantitative.

Product teams I've worked with:

Mullvad VPN

Money In & Money Out apps

– Home Office Digital

– Barclaycard

– Sky

– American Express

– Emirates Airlines

– John Lewis

– Novartis Pharmatheutical


– Westminster City Council

* Due to NDAs I can't publish my portfolio online, so feel free to get in touch if you want to learn more about my work.

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    • London College of Communication
    • University of Columbia-Missouri
    • Universidad de Navarra