Translator, Tester, and Localizer in Barcelona, España


I am a freelance translator. At the moment, I am fully dedicated to video game localization.

In the past, I worked as a tester, localization editor, proofreader, and project coordinator within the video games and printing industries.


I was born in Barcelona, so my native languages are (European) Spanish and Catalan. I have a C2 level of English and an intermediate German level. Additionally, I'm very curious about the Japanese language, which I have studied irregularly.


✔ Video game, software, apps or website localization

✔ EN to ES/CA translations (IT, technical, creative)

✔ Proofreading and localization editing

✔ Localization/QA Testing


Besides video games, I enjoy reading novels or textbooks, watching series, drawing and singing.

Occasionally, I leave the cave I share with my home-built PC to hunt for ramen, coffee or manga.

  • Education
    • Pompeu Fabra University