Judy Reid

Consultant in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I was born in Newfoundland, grew-up in Labrador, lived and worked in Scotland, Bosnia, Afghanistan, the oil fields of northern Alberta and now Ottawa, Canada.

I have jumped out of an airplane, tripped up in high heels, put together a C-7 rifle with my eyes closed, pulled all-nighters working on newspapers, newsletters and late papers, marched 49 km with 50 lbs on my back, danced until 6 am, sung goofy versions of “The Christmas Song” to troops in Bosnia and Afghanistan, learned how to build tiny houses in California and driven my motorcycle from Boston to Ottawa in the pouring rain.

I am going to build a really, really small house on wheels to pull back to Newfoundland. But before I get there I've got time for a few more odd jobs along the way.

Current Mission: Pulling together photos and a few lessons learned from my 2014 summer adventure when I drove my pimped-out-quilt-on-wheels 1984 Honda Nighthawk from Ottawa to Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and earned my keep by working at the Dildo Dory Grill. (Go get stuffed b'y!)

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