Judy Herman, LPC-MHSP,NCC

Writer, Relationship therapist, and Speaker in Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Hi, I'm Judy Herman, helping leaders and families create connection beyond conflict. Find me on Facebook as I show up through live video with tips to help your relationship. Although I'm a licensed counselor in Tennessee, the posts and videos are not a substitute for professional counseling.

My message? You're deeply loved and worthy! Relationships affirm or deny that truth. Be Aware, become Intentional and take Risks. It's a simple and profound formula - AIR (Awareness, Intentionality, Risk). You can find out more by reading my short ebook: "Relationship Dignity Manifesto." Let's connect. Fill out the form for a free 20 minute consultation through webcam or in my office I want you to know that your life matters.

Check out my blog articles. I write out of my own journey and training from the best of relationship experts. The awesome courage of my clients reflect God's love and resilience of the human spirit. I've been inspired for years in the sacred space of my counseling room. I want to tell you more.

Join me on this journey of knowing you're deeply loved and worthy.

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