Judheen Agustin


(*Background by Glenn Arthur.)

I'm an artist, but as a hobby (artist hobbyist?). I made this profile to link to all of the art sites I have an account on. (Portfolio is very first link given.) You can buy my art as cellphone cases on Society6 & ArtofWhere. There are also more options such as laptop skins to iPod cases. Since I'm always updating everything from my iPad, some sites and products tend to look bland or unfinished (such as this profile) until I can update from a computer. The Blogspot URL I provided shows how I fair with photo manipulation. Just a heads up, in case you see the INFP post, that has changed since; I'm no longer an INFP but currently an ISFJ if you're interested in the personality test.

I have a great interest in the way the internet works ever since I was young. Back when MySpace used to be a thing, I dabbled in a bit of coding - at the time, the profile codes focused on HTML. I eventually got to the point where I would code my own profile. Since I could code my profile the way I desired it to be, I also designed layouts in Photoshop (7 at the time; currently working with CS6 Ext.) so that my profile would look more unique than the others. From then on, I would help my friends in tailoring their websites to their needs and wants.

Those were my hobbies back when I was about 13 years old and still are. As I explored other social networking sites, I also began experimenting with other coding languages such as JavaScript and CSS. I'm still learning when I can, but since I mostly have HTML knowledge up my sleeve, I don't invest as much time into it as I do with design.

I loved to draw when I was younger and I still do. I've come to learn that if I draw at least every other day, I can find some improvement in my artwork.

I also love video games and have been surrounded by games ever since I was a little girl - thanks to my dad. From the time I was in 6th grade, I already knew that I was destined to work with video games and be part of a team; creating works of art that the public would enjoy.

Since I live in Arizona, trying to intern or get any first-hand experience in the game industry is a difficult task; however, that isn't stopping me from pursuing my dream of becoming a game designer. I plan to do one of two things: save up money to move to Silicon Valley or start up my own studio that'll release noteworthy games. It could be possible that, with enough reputation built u