Júlia Callejón

I was born in September 26th, 2000, Clínica Quirón, Barcelona. I live in Barcelona and study at Virolai School. I have a borther and a sister.

My favorite color is sky blue and my favorite food is Pasta Carbonara. My favorite subject in school is History but I also enjoy Physics and Chemistry.

I play hookey with my brother and I do it at Club de Tennis Barcino, even though it's called a club for tennis they have other sports like hookey or football. My hobbies are reading, dancing, playing the piano and listening to music.

I have one dog and one fish. My dog (the family's dog) is a girl and she is called Fiona. My fish it's called silver because all of his scales are silvery white.

I adore my family and friends!!!

That's all folks!!!