Julia Hashemieh

Student, Web Developer, and Software Engineer in Santa Clara, CA

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Julia Hashemieh is an exceptional leader and humanitarian within the healthcare sector. With an impressive tenure as President of Global Health Care Management LLC, spanning over 15 years, she has dedicated herself to the meticulous oversight of outpatient surgery centers. Her unwavering commitment ensures that the local community receives excellent healthcare services. Beyond her professional feats, Her ardent dedication to communal welfare shines through her efforts with the Aryana Foundation.

Guiding the helm as CEO and President of Global Health Care Management LLC, she orchestrates various operations. Her instrumental role in cultivating and overseeing a network of over 500 distinguished surgeons exemplifies her unyielding pursuit of excellence. The laudable patient reviews during her tenure underscore her dedication to unmatched quality.

A staunch adherent of the Republican Party, she casts her aspirations towards representing California's 47th Congressional District in the U.S. House. As the calendar turns to March 5, 2024, the date of primary elections, followed by the general election on November 5, 2024, she envisions extending her service to the community at a broader scale.

Within the Santa Clara-based Aryana Health Care Foundation, she operates as a board member and holds the esteemed treasurer position. The foundation's sphere of influence extends across multiple cities, where it champions accessible healthcare, especially during adversity.

Embarking on her professional odyssey in the healthcare arena back in 2003, her journey intertwines with 18 enterprises. While some ventures have closed their doors, an impressive 13 continue to thrive. This wealth of experience has given her an all-encompassing comprehension of the industry's intricacies.

As evidenced by her LinkedIn profile, Her vocational path delineates her relentless devotion and progressive advancement in her field. Beyond the rungs of her career ladder, her inherent ardor for her vocation truly distinguishes her.

Of her myriad achievements, establishing the Aryana Foundation takes the forefront. This charitable endeavor germinated from a shared resolve to aid the less fortunate. Under Her stewardship, outpatient surgery centers united under a noble banner: to eradicate the suffering stemming from an inability to afford medical procedures. Subsequently, the foundation has emerged as a guiding light, ameliorating financial disparities and upholding the accessibility of superior healthcare.

  • Education
    • San Jose State University