Julia Grammer

Artist and Computer Tech in Palmdale, California

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I'm just an artistically inclined person trying to figure out her place in the world. Grew up around Highland Park and Eagle Rock in Los Angeles but now I get to meditate on the Joshua trees in Palmdale. I use computers and paint to render the images of my fancy. I dream of worlds that don't exist - but can if I apply myself to creating them. This is what I am currently all about.

But even back in my formative years I was pretty artistic, so it was only natural after a childhood of watercolor painting, playing video games, and watching copious amounts of cartoons that I decided in college to study art and animation. Life doesn't make much of anything straightforward though, and even after getting my BA I'm still trying to find my niche in the world.

Right now, my goal is to make independent video games that incorporate my love of the whimsical, of deep thought, and a striving towards peace and understanding.

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And if you like what you see, know that I'm always open to hearing about any projects you'd like to hire me for. I always enjoy sharing the journey!

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