Juliana Garofalo

Medical Assistant in New York, NY

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Juliana Garofalo's involvement with HawkWatch International is a testament to her passion for raptors and their conservation. Her support of the organization's efforts to understand the lives of these remarkable species and ensure their survival in an ever-changing world is truly inspiring. As a member of HawkWatch International, she visits their site in the Florida Keys and actively contributes to their work through regular donations.

Beyond her dedication to raptor conservation, She is multifaceted, with many hobbies and interests. An avid baker, she particularly enjoys crafting sourdough bread and freshly baked pizzas. She even has an outdoor pizza oven, where she continually perfects her pizza-making techniques.

She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family when not indulging in culinary pursuits. Alongside birdwatching, she often takes to the water for a different perspective of Connecticut's natural beauty. Paddleboarding serves as a means of exercise and exploration for her, and she relishes the opportunity to fish with her father and brothers.

Ms. Garofalo resides in Norwalk, Connecticut, a picturesque coastal city along the Long Island Sound. The city is virtually surrounded by water, making it perfect for aquatic adventures via boat, paddleboard, kayak, or other vessels. Norwalk is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering various cultural, culinary, and shopping options.