María Juliana Soto

Student, Project Manager, and Artist in Colombia

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I am a journalist and free culture activist. Currently I´m the public leader of Creative Commons Colombia and I´m working as researcher on issues related to access to knowledge and culture in Karisma Foundation (Bogotá). I am a master student in Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

In Karisma I lead projects related to the necessary balance between intellectual property and access to knowledge and culture; the copyright impact and promoting open policies for institutions, through research projects, advocacy campaigns and communication pieces. Also I do conferences and workshops about free culture, free licences, open access and colaborative creation process in communications and arts.

I am part of Noís Radio a radio art collective that works with soundscapes, performance and itinerant radio projects based in Cali, my hometown.

You can click the button above to see some of Noís Radio´s work. If you’d like to get in touch... send me a tweet.