Julianne Tanella

Editor, Musician, and Artist in Burbank, CA

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Beyond Julianne Tanella musical career, her passions extend to various other aspects of life. She is a certified yoga instructor, a proficient weightlifter, and a certified Reiki energy practitioner. These roles underscore her commitment to physical and mental well-being, reflecting a holistic approach to life. Additionally, her involvement as a past-time professional water skier showcases her diverse talents and adventurous spirit.

She is also an entrepreneur, owning a small business named "Loveyourhumansuit." This venture embodies her philosophy of conscious living, integrating her personal beliefs and values into a tangible form that resonates with her audience.

A range of hobbies and interests further enriches her life. She is deeply committed to fitness and meditation, illustrating her dedication to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Her connection to spirituality, clean eating, and yoga are integral parts of her daily routine. Her love for cooking, reading, and writing reveals a person with diverse interests and a constant thirst for knowledge and personal development. She is currently working on an upcoming book titled "Superhuman," which is a reflection of her wide-ranging interests and in-depth knowledge. Her disciplined life, beginning with waking up at 4 AM, is indicative of her unwavering dedication to a holistic and enriching lifestyle.

She is much more than a singer-songwriter. She is a multifaceted individual with a deep passion for life and a firm commitment to personal and professional growth. Her journey from a biology graduate to an acclaimed independent artist, along with her dedication to fitness, spirituality, and conscious living, serves as an inspiration to many. Her life exemplifies the philosophy of becoming 'superhuman,' a path characterized by self-discovery, the pursuit of excellence, and making the most of every moment.