Julia Tunstall

CEO and Chief Cocktail Taster in Carlsbad, California

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Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Cocktail Taster

"Before A Bar Above, I was working as a business and data consultant. Nowadays, I leverage that expertise to run and grow A Bar Above.

As CEO, I’m in charge of all company operations. From manufacturing and inventory to marketing and product launches, I work with our team end-to-end to keep things running smoothly. One of my proudest accomplishments is implementing a 30-hour work week to promote work-life balance at our family-owned company.

For my own personal balance, I spend my days off hiking and going to the beach to watch Chris attempt to teach our kids to boogie board. (Hint: They have a long way to go!)"

- Julia Tunstall

  • Work
    • A Bar Above
  • Education
    • B.A. Economics, Claremont McKenna College