Julie Meyers Pron

Eternal optimist, Julie Meyers Pron has been called a "Momcyclopedia" and a "real life Google." A mom to three, wife, educator, marketer, cheerleader, budding organizer, and me-time enthusiast, Julie shares her knowledge, lifestyle tips, business-savvy suggestions and real life stories helping you to parent confidently while remaining your stylish self.

Working in the webpage field since 1997, Julie has webmastered elementary school websites and taught technology for teachers, as well as for children. Julie began blogging in 2004 as a senior editor for Mommies with Style while she ran an online boutique. Finding her love for Social Media, Julie branched out and formed Julieverse (formerly Just Precious) in 2009 and has written for Yahoo! Shine, Baby Center, SCI Child, Playdation, Rusty & Rosy, Somewhat Simple, and more. She is a creative force and principal of Splash Creative Media. Combining her backgrounds in Public Relations, Education and Media Science, Julie finds Social Media an excellent match for her business and education-related talents.

In 2012, sensing the need for a community of video bloggers, Julie founded #VlogMom: a website and facebook group aimed at encouraging bloggers to feel confident in front of the camera, giving women an opportunity to find and refine their skills.

A spokesperson/ambassador for a variety of brands including Lilly Pulitzer, Yahoo! Shine and Microsoft Windows Phone, Julie and her family live in the western suburbs of Philadelphia where she's also Director of the PTO and loves cheering for her alma matter, SMU.