Julien H. Girard

Astronomer in Baltimore, Maryland

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Physicist & astronomer, I am currently working as Support Scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore. I am part of the JWST/NIRCam team, and Lead of the Coronagraphs Working Group.

For 8 years (2009-2017) I was a Staff Astronomer at ESO's Paranal Observatory & support VLT(I) operations. Adaptive Optics specialist, I have been lead Instrument Scientist of SPHERE and NACO.

Researchwise I directly detect/image/characterize extra-solar planets, disks & brown dwarfs, younger & dustier "solar systems in the making". ESO Photo Ambassador, it's one modest way of reaching the public.

I also enjoy traveling, photography, anthropology, linguistics, wine & cooking. I love traditional musics & all forms of improvization: jazz, hip hop, capoeira.

French, I lived in the USA, Mexico and Chile for a total of 14+ years.

  • Work
    • Space Telescope Science Inst.
  • Education
    • Phd Physics & Astrophysics (Lyon 2005)