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I'm a Filipina, mother of 4 kids, Professional Blogger, Writer, Translator, Tour Organizer, Graphics & Web Designer.

If you love hiking and mountaineering, please visit my site www.pinaykeypoint.org We arrange trips both for local and foreign tourists.

My Travel Blog:

Mount Pinatubo Trekking - http://www.pinatubotrek.blogspot.com/

Official Domain: http://www.pinaykeypoint.org/

My Personal Blog:

A Glimpse to the Pearl - http://pinaykeypoint.wordpress.com/
Official Domain: http://www.pinaykeypoint.com/

Why do you blog?

I started blogging to express my opinions and views. My personal blog, www.pinaykeypoint.com with a theme a Glimpse to a Pearl aims to give people from all over the world a glimpse to my country, Philippines. I discussed diversified topics of our culture and traditions, governance and economy, school, tourist attractions, parenting and typical Filipino family setting and almost anything under the sun which will give you glimpses to the beauty of the Republic of the Philippines.

I also blog to share my experiences and be an inspiration to others. What keeps me on blogging is that it is now my way of life. Blogging is now my main source of income.

Has blogging impacted your life? How?

Yes, there is a big impact. I was able to grow a business that is now our main source of income. I was able to leave my position in a corporate life and stay home full time to attend to my kids. Now, I am running a travel business and arranging numerous trips to different people from different corners of the word.

I was also able to create jobs for some of my neighbors and local Aeta Tribes, one of the many indigenous group in the Philippines. You can view my travel activities in my blog, www.pinaykeypoint.org which is now one of the most trusted Trip Organizing service in our area. From a simple pinaykeypoint blog, it becomes a full blown

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