Julie Trell

Consultant/Advisor in Sydney NSW, Australia

Julie Trell

Consultant/Advisor in Sydney NSW, Australia

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Playful Purpose.

We collaborate with companies, organizations, and individuals to do meaningful work while keeping it fun and playful.

Current work involves:
• Creating strategies and best practices for early and growth-stage companies interested in developing integrated philanthropy programs into their culture and business.
• Establishing initiatives for a company's greatest assets - their people and product - to benefit the social sector and its customers.
• Creating a new economic model (aka, democratizing venture capital) that funds, supports and celebrates women entrepreneurs. (www.sheeo.world)

• And all this, with an essence of play.

• Heartfelt desire to improve the world by creating opportunities for happiness.
• And improv.

We are:
Creative. Personable. Connected. Connector. Empathetic. Pragmatic. Objective. Vulnerable.

Curious. Eager to learn.

Influential Mentor. Door Opener.

(Kidsultants: Kids as experts, providing feedback, insight, and questions to corporate challenges. Think: Baby Shark Tank)

  • Work
    • Playful Purpose
  • Education
    • Emory University
    • Georgia State - M.Ed
    • THNK - Executive Creative Leadership