Julie Trell

Chief Play Officer, Consultant, and advisor in Sydney NSW, Australia

Julie Trell

Chief Play Officer, Consultant, and advisor in Sydney NSW, Australia

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About Playful Purpose

I’m Julie, Chief Play Officer at Playful Purpose living in Sydney NSW, Australia.

I collaborate with companies, organizations, and individuals to do meaningful work while keeping it fun and playful.

"Playful Purpose" is all about bringing a little bit of fun and playful vibes (we call them games) into the goals and objectives of a business! Infusing playfulness into the workplace can be a real game-changer! It's not just "play" for play's sake - there's a purpose behind it.

So, how can Playful Purpose add value to your business?

  • Increased employee engagement and motivation? Check!
  • A positive and lively work culture? Check!
  • A boost in creativity and innovation? Double check!
  • Happier employees and better job performance? You betcha!
  • A magnet for top talent? Absolutely!
  • A customer experience that's out of this world? You got it!


  • Adaptability- the ability to adjust to new or shifting conditions and embrace ambiguity
  • Play- approach work and projects with curiosity and a growth mindset, unleashing creativity in myself and others. Work on the edges outside my comfort zone
  • Equitableness - a commitment to being just and unbiased and opening doors / creating pathways for untapped talent where they are overlooked or don't currently have connections. #HumanAPI
  • Community- the sense we are a part of something greater than ourselves. Opportunities to connect with people, (customers, employees, students) to reach goals, and create a sense of collaboration/partnership and success using relevant technology

Current Projects

  • Corporate Play Enabler for Indigital
    • An EdTech startup celebrating indigenous cultural knowledge history, and language through leading-edge technologies in the spatial web. Focused on product strategy.
  • Country Lead for Coralus(formerly SheEO)
    • Creating a new economic model (aka, democratizing venture capital) that funds, supports and celebrates women & non-binary entrepreneurs who are working on the World's To Do list (aka, Sustainable Development Goals).
  • Mentoring and coaching through programs such as Startmate Women's Fellowship, Mentor Walks, Tech Ready Women, and ADPlist

What are you waiting for? Let's play! (Leave me a message on LI)

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  • Education
    • Emory University
    • Georgia State - M.Ed
    • THNK - Executive Creative Leadership