Juliette Cimetiere


My name is Juliette I am 18 years old. I have been riding horses for 14 years. I first started riding when I was four years old. Until I was ten I took riding lessons twice a week, did a couple showjumping competitions but it wasn't until 2007 that I would get my first horse and begin my journey in the world of Liberty and Free Riding.

Liberty/Free Riding is the art of performing with your horse with no restraints on the ground and on horseback. Just like every horse crazy little girl I would always dream of doing all the incredible things you see in movies, riding a horse completely free, horses that would follow you around without anything attached to them etc...

All of this was just a dream for a long time until in 2008 I started working with my equine partner, Oreo. I began to learn through trial and error what it was like to build a relationship with a horse. I experimented with many different methods of training, some worked, some didn't. I began learning the way of the horse, the silent language that they speak and over the years created my own thought process for training my horses. Using gentle methods and "fun" as a basis for everything I did.

I did a little bit of everything with my horses, I showed in hunter jumpers, dressage, went trail riding, took them swimming in the river, galloping on the beach, trick training etc...I believe that a horse that is well rounded and experiments doing many different things is a happier horse.

In the in 2014 I worked for Odysseo and spent some time in france training in classical dressage and liberty at the Benjamin Aillaud International Horse Academy (BAHIA, Training center for the performers on the shows Cavalia/Odysseo). This experience help me further develop my methods of training and thinking process when it came to working with horses.

In October 2014 I began working at the Dancing Horses Theatre in Lake Geneva WI, for their holiday performance. I performed a solo vaulting/bareback riding act in the Holiday show. During those three months I worked with a number of horses including young, unbroke Arabians. Working daily with these horses helped me even further develop my methods of training.

I have decided to make it my mission to share my experiences with people and their horses. If you are interested in lessons or training for your horses feel free to contact me.

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