Júlio Zynger

Software Engineer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Born and raised in the marvelous city - Rio de Janeiro. As a kid, I have studied in the 'carioca' school Eliezer Steinbarg and then graduated in Univ. Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), being an exchange student at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri, USA) for a year.

I'm interested in music, cinema, travelling, soccer, entrepreneurship and languages (I do speak english and portuguese but I can also give a try at spanish, french and hebrew - my 'Goals Journal' has always one entry for learning a language), and of course, I love technology.

Currently, I am involved into development of mobile applications, specially Android apps. I divide my free time between trying to learn other techs (I've been trying to take a little bit of Python and Ruby recently) and playing the piano.

I always try to listen before speaking, so if you want to tell me any news, just pick a button down there and get it rolling!

  • Education
    • Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
    • Missouri S&T