June Lopez

Musician, Artist, and composer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia native June Lopez is a true interdisciplinary artist: a freelance photographer, musician, sound designer, composer, and an experimentalist of afro, latin, jazz, techno, and electronic music. His work includes multimedia projects with visuals, live performance, poetry, electronics, and field recordings. All give an account of the stories that embody abstract narratives for his compositions. After playing piano and clarinet at an early age, he soon began experimenting with vinyl recordings, turntables, tapes and a mixing board. As a contributor to the music scene, June’s continual focus is on exploring the ways different cultural/music influences shape sound. He’s deeply invested inLatin/jazz afro roots and in preserving the art of making music to inspire and communicate spiritually.

More recently, June developed an interest in sound design and live improvisational sound performance, collaborating alongside D’nae Harrison as Medium Frequency, June composes soundscapes to visuals, spoken word, and found objects turned into sculpture installations. It was a perfect timing to build a body of work that would help to shape and explore modern art. This experience sparked June’s interest in exploring the emotive medium of abstract sound art, which can’t be seen, touched, or felt. Sound art creates a space to explore sounds in a pure state, bridging and mixing up a blank slate between sound, noise, and music. This is a direct way of engaging with art and can be felt by anyone with their eyes closed. With music is an indication, it is clear sounds can affect emotions immediately, without thought or explanation.

Currently, June remains busy collaborating with Amber Art & Design, and working on his album. Juneʼs creativity is always evolving, exploring new ways to shape sound while utilizing his inspirations. Lopez’s most recent endeavor explores the mass gentrification of his own neighborhood. He is currently recreating the soundscape from constructions sites to explore the effects of noise pollution on a community. The noise and sound pollution project visualizes this investigation, questioning the sound and sonic visibility of human rights violations.

Current releases::

The Last Poets -Mixed @| Traveling Colors Music Studio (Philly, UK, NYC)

Working on debut album - June 2019

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