Junhao Ding

Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Photographer in Shanghai

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Open Source Sky is mainly used for my own technical experience to share, the latest IT information, offline activities notice / summary and so on.

Founder:Junhao Ding

Nick name: ITXiaoPang

Master of Software Engineering, Fudan University

Is the founder of the open source sky website (official website: http: //www.OSSky.org)

Is a member of the Google Developer Community GDG Shanghai Organizing Committee, which organizes more than 50 technical events and 3 times a year (official website: http: //chinagdg.org, community: http://www.chinagdg.com)

Is Shanghai's largest product manager community PMCamp members of the organizing committee (official website: http: //pmcamp.org, microblogging: http://weibo.com/pmcamp)

Is a member of the organizing committee of TopGeek for the organization of advanced software and Internet technical personnel (official website: http://topgeek.org)

The original Baidu bloggers: d1017555

Original CSDN blogger: AngelHacker

Part-time photographer

From 2003 began to contact programming, and from the infatuation of a variety of IT cutting-edge technology, out of control.

Has used VB, VB.Net, C, C ++, Java, C #, PHP, ASP, Python and other development languages.

Recently engaged in. Net, Python operation and development work, There is also a simple study in the field of system security.

Github: https://github.com/ITXiaoPang


  • Work
    • SAIC
  • Education
    • Fudan University