Juni Goh (吴峻逸)

Singer, Actor, and emcee in Singapore

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Juni has an unbridled passion for the performing arts. A multi-hyphenate, he is a singer, stage actor, bilingual emcee and all round entertainer.

Identifying most strongly as a vocalist, Juni took part in The Voice决战好声 in 2017, and was mentored by coach Sky Wu. He is also the lead singer of award-winning vocal band, MICappella. After emerging runners-up on The Sing-Off China in 2012, the band went on to make history by being the first-ever a cappella group to be nominated for four awards in the 18th Annual Singapore Hit Awards, receiving the prestigious Media Recommendation Award for Local Artistes. Since then, MICappella has released two albums, travelled the world performing, had a sold-out concert at the Capitol Theatre in 2017, and performed their viral hit Evolution of NDP Songs for the National Day Parade in 2018.

Honing his craft at the National University of Singapore under the tutelage of theatre luminaries such as Dr K.K. Seet, Dr Robin Loon, Dr Nora Samosir, Nelson Chia, and many more, Juni graduated with an honours degree in Theatre Studies in 2011. His work ethics and relentless energy saw Juni landing lead roles in theatre productions such as Toy Factory Productions’ Grind, Esplanade and Dingyi Music Company’s A Legend Begins, as well as Singapore Repertory Theatre's Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress, as Prince Tuan.

Juni’s strengths lie in live performance and his natural charisma shines through his soaring vocals and the ease at which he carries himself in front of an audience, a result of more than a decade of performing experience.


峻逸是一个实力派歌手,用歌声震撼了不少观众。他在2017年参加了《The Voice决战好声》进入了伍思凯导师的战队。同时,他也是新加坡纯人声乐团“麦克疯”的男高音主唱。他的乐团“麦克疯”参加了深圳卫视所举办的《清唱团The Sing-Off》比赛,成功地打败了来自海内外的选手,脱颖而出,获得了第一届的亚军。此外,他们的音乐受到了肯定,成为了首个获得新加坡金曲奖的纯人声乐团。除了推出两个专辑,他们还到了美国、英国、澳大利亚等国家演出。2017年,“麦克疯”在首都剧院的大型演唱会爆满,为观众带来了一场前所未闻的听觉飨宴。“麦克疯”也在2018年为国庆日制作了一首演绎过去50多年国庆歌曲演变的串烧歌,充满了爱国之心。

在新加坡国立大学的学习生涯中,峻逸有幸由不少杰出的戏剧导师指导。他们分别是K.K. Seet医生,Robin Loon医生,Nora Samosir医生,Nelson Chia先生等。在他们的细心指导下,峻逸取得了戏剧研究的荣誉学位。在舞台剧方面,他也参与了不少制作。其中包括Toy Factory Productions’《Grind》、滨海艺术中心与鼎艺团的制作《A Legend begins》和著名的英文音乐剧《紫禁城:慈禧太后的肖像》的演出,饰演多罗端郡王。


  • Work
    • Freelance solo and MICappella
  • Education
    • National University of Singapore