Junior Delicieux

Finance Manager at Honda Village in united states

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Junior Delicieux is an all around Car Enthusiast. Both a personal and professional passion of his, Delicieux is fully immersed in the automotive industry! Currently, he leads a Honda Village car dealership as a Finance Manager. Above all else, quality is his primary focus. When it comes to working with his team members and customers, Delicieux always sets emphasis on meeting the goals presented to him. In his free time, the Car Enthusiast enjoys keeping up with car culture by attending shows, events and other programs that highlight what’s new. Outside of his love of cars, Delicieux is also a health and fitness buff who believes fitness training is vital to his overall wellbeing. In the past, he has worked as a Fitness Trainer. Now, he enjoys giving advice to others on their health and fitness journeys, as a friend and mentor!