Junko Inoue

Los Angeles CA

I barely show up in the photographs kept in my box of memories. I probably felt awkward or uncomfortable making happy faces every time a photographer said “Cheese!” Even if I did the same as a photographer. That was the one of the reasons I became the person behind the camera. Through the viewfinder, I have discovered many things I never paid attention to without the camera. I started taking photos with my disposable point and shoot camera when I was a teenager. Since then what photography has given me is the ability to see new things. I have taken different types of photos at school and by working on my personal projects. I found new sides of me each time, which helped me open the doors to new worlds. Photography is an exploration to discover myself. I would love my photos to be something that makes the viewers feel sentimental, nostalgic, and cheerful. Something that someone puts into his/her diary or scrapbooks.