Jurijs Guralniks

Riga (LV)

Hei! Currently I am working in a Norwegian IT company called Visma Enterprises as a digital marketing manager. So, I'm doing SEO, SEM, Social and Web.

I have a deep background in creating content. Because Content is what now matters the most. Brands are to become social or become extinct. It is pretty obvious - if you cannot explain what you are doing in 15 seconds, then you are doing something wrong.

So, my task is a very brief explanation of things, that even youngest can get. Simple? Not as it sounds!

In a world of digital marketing user experience is worth gold. If user likes and understands what he is experiencing, he is creating ties with the brand. It doesn't mean, that we will run and buy the product in a blink of an eye. But, when the time for decision is close - TOM does the thing. TOM is a friend of every marketer. It means Top Of Mind. And content is a way to make something TOM.

  • Work
    • Havas Media Group
  • Education
    • Master of Science in Social Sciences @ University of Latvia