The internet can answer almost all our questions from where to find Sushi in Seattle to the quickest route out of Timbuktu.

But how about the questions in life where you need an objective decision? Family, friends, colleagues and shop assistants, even if they try, cannot be unbiased and only count as one opinion.

Trial by Jury began almost 1000 years ago and throughout the world, we still entrust our most critical verdicts in criminal courts to 12 free men & women.

Let’s combine the wonder and speed of the web, with the power of a jury, to answer all your questions! An instant panel of 12 anonymous jurors to assess if your bum does look bigger in that dress, if that shirt makes you look nerdy. Or perhaps a moral dilemma; should I leave my fortune to my son when I know he will squander every penny? Quick mediation for a relationship issue? "If my wife flosses her teeth five times a day, can I tell her it's not normal & insists she stop?" An author is blocked deciding between two endings for her chapter & needs a quick verdict. Or a politician who wants a quick poll on a crazy new law?

JuryMe is an instant online jury which can answer any question within 20 minutes with a YES/NO verdict from 12 jurors.

Once your question is entered with images or sound files if relevant, it will be answered by a panel of 12 jurors randomly picked from around the world. While the jury is reaching their verdict, YOU serve your time on Jury Duty & must answer any questions in a limited time.

As a juror, you can abstain from voting once and final verdicts will only include two abstentions. You can opt to use icons showing your country, gender, age bracket, but the key to JuryMe is anonymity and objectivity.

JuryMe is the site we have all been waiting for without knowing it! We can get an instant world verdict on our ideas, disputes, decisions - big or small - , and for a moment, we make a global impact!