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Timber decks and patios look absolutely beautiful, but it takes a lot of TLC to keep them in prime condition. Some people may worry that they don't have enough time to keep their deck looking pristine.

However, cleaning a deck isn't as challenging as you might think. If you keep these tips in mind, you'll be able to give your deck a deep cleaning even if you don't have a lot of of time.

Find the Right Tools for the Job

The key to cleaning a wood deck quickly is to make sure you have the best cleaning tools! You'll want a nice push broom that's designed for outdoor use. This will help you get most dirt and grime cleared away.

For the messes that need a little more care, you'll want a nylon bristle brush. This will allow you to scrub your deck clean without causing damage to your wood.

If your deck needs to be washed with water, you'll want an outdoor mop. This will allow you to wash your deck in a very short amount of time.

Should You Use a Pressure Washer?

There's a lot of debate over whether or not you should use a pressure washer on your deck. While a pressure washer can get a deck to look very clean, it can also cause some problems.

It's best to only use a pressure washer if your deck is fairly new. That way, you'll be able to use it without washing away the stain or sealing. Make sure you use the washer on the lowest possible setting.

With that said, you should absolutely use a pressure washer if you're planning on having your deck stained again. That kind of deep cleaning can be really beneficial if you don't have to worry about your stain.

Always Test Cleaning Product First

Before you apply any kind of cleaning product to your deck, take a minute to test it on an area that isn't easily seen. Make sure it doesn't strip away the stain or effect the wood negatively in any way. If your test gets good results, you can use it on the rest of your deck without fear.

You have to be careful when you clean timber decks and patios. However, if you keep these simple tips in mind, you'll be able to get your deck looking better than it ever has before.