Harvie Chiu

Tutor, Professor, and Teacher in Madrid, Spain

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I am a graduate of Meteorology and Oceanography and I have also completed a Master of Science in Mathematics of Networks. I can honestly say that University was one of the most amazing and invigorating experiences I have encountered. I have accomplished a lot in my life from travelling, volunteering both nationally and internationally, and working abroad. I have much more I would like to achieve. This involves more volunteering, further teaching, and making an impact.

I am a passionate volunteer where most of my work is based around environmental charities and NGOs. I have volunteered at the COP15 in Copenhagen, protested about climate change and Big Oil, and promoted eco-friendliness and meat alternatives in Austria. I volunteered in Central America to teach and improve the environmental sanitary conditions and lives in a local community. I recently moved to Spain to further my career in teaching with Oxinity.

People ask me why I am or wanted to be a Teacher. The simple answer is because I like helping people. This is derived from many years of volunteering and giving back to communities, and being a private tutor. My friends often say that they admire what I do because I am always on the move and they cannot keep track. It does not bother me to be out of my comfort zone and I am always up for a challenge. I am an independent person and I have done a lot of travelling by myself and with friends so I believe this is what gives me the spark to seek challenges and to step out of my comfort zone. In the past I did want to conform to a stable life and career but it became too complacent. If you ask for a summary of my past and future career, I can tell you this: “Conforming to a stable life or high-earning job is far from what I am about. I enjoy meeting new people and if I can have a career that enables me to empower someone or give back to the community, then that is my ideal career”. I believe this is what distinguishes me from other Teachers.

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    • Oxinity, Progressio, LOCOG
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