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Hey there! Thanks for coming to our website. My name is Ben, the owner of Just Home Gym. The purpose behind Just Home Gym is not to provide you the same general information that has been shared all over the internet, but rather to give you our personal opinions on the gym equipment that you'll need to purchase for your home gym to stay fit!

I started training myself during my high school. To be honest, in the beginning, I was getting demotivated and took way too many days off from my workout routine. However, I've been living a healthy lifestyle for more than 2 years; the exercises I do every day are cardio, boxing, running, and weight training.

I feel alive more than I was before because of getting fit! It is a great experience not only for me but everybody including you! To share all the knowledge of fitness and the difficult times I had, I bought a blog to post the important info you will need to get the right things for your fitness and home gym.

What’s so special about my blog that others can never beat?

You must have found and read all the available info out there like what to eat and the right exercises you will need to do. You must be thinking what makes us different, right? Our blog is where you’ll read real experiences from someone who has gone through hell to change their lives. We want you to know the truth about fitness and health. This is why we feel like we must make a community for our blog that will support everyone no matter where they are!

Just Home Gym is a real fitness community managed and owned by Ben. This fitness blog will give you the motivation and inspiration you’ll need to get healthy and fit! It’s our pleasure to see you enjoying the info you get from our blog, and we hope to see you getting fit and healthy along with us soon!