Justin Hancock

sex educator in London, United Kingdom

Justin Hancock

sex educator in London, United Kingdom

Sex and relationships educator, writer and advice giver for young people and adults.


My sex and relationships advice website for everyone over 14 - visited by thousands of people every day. Sponsored by Durex.

Bish Training

If you are a practitioner in RSE or sexual health services I have training courses and resources for you -- such as Planet Porn.

DO... RSE for Schools

A project I'm heavily involved in where we try to help more schools and teachers to deliver better RSE. A truly inclusive and fresh approach where we make it about the students.

Meg-John & Justin

We wrote 'Enjoy Sex (How, When and IF You Want To)' available now online and in shops. We also have a regular podcast. Also check out our zines.

One to one advice

If you are over 18 and would like some one to one sex and/or relationships advice I might be the person for you. As you can see above I have a lot of experience giving people advice.

I don't offer therapy or sex coaching, just a friendly and practical approach to give you some tools, tricks and ideas that will work for you.

It could be a series of sessions or just one or two. We could meet in person in central London (we could walk and talk, or go for a coffee or pint, or meet in my central London office). Or we could chat on the phone. Or do the whole thing by email -- whatever you prefer.

To start off with I charge £10 per £10,000 you earn per year (e.g. if you earn £30k it would be £30). More information about this here. Book a consultation now whilst my introductory rate is on offer.