Justine Greenland Duke

Knowledge Manager, Change Agent, and Strategist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I help people, teams, organizations and communities learn and improve through problem identification, stakeholder engagement, design, and the vigorous and thoughtful use of technology to manage information, collaborate and communicate.

I like to observe, listen and learn, ask difficult questions, and reach beyond apparent limits every day.

I've spent a lot of time at the intersections of art and science trying to find equilibrium among people, processes and results.

I'm interested in the past because there are reasons for everything and optimistic about the future because there are better ways to do most things.

I'm grateful for the amazing opportunities I've had in life including performing contemporary dance, working as a UPS driver, pursuing my passion for cooking in London, England in the late 90s, riding my bicycle until I cried in Mallorca, Spain and surfing in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

As a first generation Canadian, I have been deeply influenced by both the maternal and paternal sides of my family who came to Toronto, raised their kids and invested in the city (as small business owners, homemakers, great neighbours, public servants, social workers, mental health and addiction nurses, and child welfare advocates) with optimism, fortitude and compassion.

I am currently living in downtown Toronto, where I was born and raised, together with my partner and two sons.