Justine Nguyen


Gastronomy loving, passionate culinary creation, I love revisiting dishes that have rocked my childhood by my Vietnamese and Martinique origins.

I love learning, inspiration from my surroundings, the addition, appropriating other cultures, different backgrounds, and add that little something that makes the difference.

I am caterer and chef at home.

My collections put in salty-sweet mouth mixes exotic flavors and fragrances thanks to the richness and subtleties aromatic spices that take you toward novel taste experiences.

Fruits and vegetables are in season, as well as better taste, but also less rich in salt, lipid and sugar as frozen or pre-prepared products. My kitchen also favors varied vegetable fat, healthier, and products rich in Omega 3, whose virtues for the heart are well established.

Do not wait, check out my website and via my facebook page culinary creations and revisited traditional dishes which I hope will delight your taste!

Looking forward to "cuijiner" for you soon!

Justine N.

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